In La Révolution française when Robespierre storms off, and Saint-Just glares at those responsible and clenches his fist. Can we just?

I feel so blessed to have pointed these things out to you lmfao

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what happens when crookedsin and I watch La Révolution française

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this happened again (#crookedsin)

"It looks like we’re launching in"

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Etching of Maximilien Robespierre speaking at the rostrum from the 1900 edition of Jules Michelet.

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The modern world’s greatest hypocrisy.

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"Know that I am not the defender of the people. Never have I pretended to this resounding title. I am of the people. I have never been anything else. I want to be nothing else. I despise anyone who pretends to be anything else."

—Maximilien Robespierre in his speech of January 11, 1791

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Maurice Castan’s 1878 recreation of the Robespierre death mask on display at the 1911 opening of the Musée Carnavalet

"Whoever says that he does not believe in friendship is banished. Every man from the age of 21 must declare in the temple who his friends are, and renew this declaration every year…Those who have stayed friends all their lives are buried in the same tomb… If a man leaves a friend, he must give an account to the people, in the temple, of his motives for relinquishing him. Friends dig the grave, prepare the funeral rites for one another, together with children they scatter flowers on the tomb. If a man has no friends, he is banished."

Saint-Just, Fragments d’institutions republicaines

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Jacques-Louis David draw Marie Antoinette on the way to the guillotine; 
By Joseph-Emmanuel van den Büssche, 1900.

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