Hi guys! c:

so this is my new personal blog

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thinking of making a personal blog for yoga and recipes and Moz feels

would anyone follow me? ;o;

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"I’m amused by modern pop artists who can only sing about sex, as if nothing else mattered on the planet."

—Morrissey (via frankieisstrange)

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"I’m a little nervous… I’ve never been on a dating service before. Um, my name is Morrissey; I enjoy long walks in Manchester, crying about dead guys, and my cat. I don’t want to have sex with you. Sorry."

—Morrissey (via inaccuratesmithsquotes)

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Look at this magnificent work by Lasbleiz JulienMarie ! a couple of artists. 
This is look so real, and I just have no words to describe this ! 
Robespierre this is so perfect here. 

I got a special permit from the artist to sharing on tumblr this magnifique painting ! because all the world must see this incredible creation. 
*you can also take a glance on the facebook of the couple if you want see other paintings and creations!*

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"Don’t you want to go to Paris, see the opera?"

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Spoiler alert

it’s Antoine

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Daniel Mesguich as Napoleon in Joséphine ou la comédie des ambitions (1979)
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you:  tries to roast me with a lame yo mama joke

me:  looks you up on ancestry.com, finds out that your great grandmother was banished from her lithuianian village because no one liked her, writes a six page allegorical story that roasts your great grandmother, then reads it to your significant other to get them to despise you

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